Hi, I'm a creative technologist and researcher focused on exploring inequity and education surrounding the expansion of surveillance infrastructrue as well as issues of quality and access in connectivity. You can learn more about my recently shared graduate thesis discernible.tech from this presentation video or on its documentation site. This Fall I'll be joining the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University as an "Emerging Scholar" research fellow where I'll engage with issues of privacy, security and broadband as related to public policy for the next two years.


  • July 12th, 2024 sound performance as More Info outdoors in Philly. Contact for more info.

  • July 14th, 2024 sound performance within 5UARM at a Brooklyn park | CFPT Instagram


email: second (at) disroot (dot) org

social media: @sim@post.lurk.org

close-up of a person standing in a green, park like environment and near a tree. They have very short curly hair visible from under a blue bucket hat and are wearing black sunglesses and a black mask obscuring most of their face. They wear a blue shirt that reads 'no copyright intended' and a strap for a bag is visible diagonally across their chest.