A 128-bit pixel rendition of a person smelling pink flowers on a tree. A 128-bit image of red show curtains on a checkered stage. In the marginal foreground an arm holds a smartphone with an image of a frog on it on the left and another arm holds up a microphone on the left.
A pixelated animation of a 3D inspired ball featuring the Faycebook Going icon bouncing around before spray painting some graffiti which reads Ada. A 128 bit rendition of a slightly ajar fron door on a green wall. A small black table with a partially folded tabletop and black chair lean against the wall. An orange outline in the shape of the state of Florida is overlayed on the image. \ A 128 bit rendition of a wall socket on a tan wall.
A 128 bit animation of a street food card on the side of a dark, empty road in the rain. There is a person figure inside moving around and moving their hands and a screen at the top of the car plays a spinning animation of the word special. A 128 bit rendition of a closeup of a blue-green pond where three lilypads of varying shades of green are visible.