"Sam" - Release

Collection of lonesome made "music".

Next Bus Pls - break:build

A track made in collaboration with Kwami Winfield for an @nycnoise benefit compilation.


Lonesome album I put out as 2uarm on Tall Tapes in April of 2019, it is called Miami Cannibal Attack.

Plot Twist - Wait For It...

Collection of tracks made in collaboration with Andy Loebs and released via phone line and online by Call Waitn in early 2022.

BOTTOM TEXT - What Doth Life?

Album put out through Dominican Republic based label El cuarto elástico in April of 2018. Other members of BOTTOM TEXT include Milly Cohen, Ray Alfonso, Maggie Gault, Misha Lukov; sometimes more or less. The album was reviewed in the (temporarily) late and great Tiny Mix Tapes.

DJ "Sam" - Selected Clipping Works

Small collection of remixed music blown out of proportion released through Copyright 420 in late 2020.

"Sam" - Video Presentation & Memetic North Brooklyn

Two tracks for Heavy Days label in Miami. Originally released as 2nd, published as "Sam".


Photos of Live Performances

A sepia tinted photograph of 4 people in a large white and red room. From left to right: a curly-haired person in a flannel shirt, slightly unbuttoned is slouched over playing a saxophone; another person in a beanie and flannel is seated at a large white folding table twisting knobs on various electronic music devices; next a person in a white dress shirt, beanie, and cargo vest plays a large red bass guitar; lastly a person in an all black tracksuit and black coat with green tape for glasses is crouched over a laptop on the same white table.

in duolingo (covering Wolf Eyes) at the Windjammer on Halloween 2019 / shot by Chloe Carrasco.

a close-up profile shot of a person with short curly hair and oval glasses holding up a microphone to their lips and twisting a knob on a audio mixer. The image is in black and white.

in 4uarm for Noise Brunch 3 by Center for Psychic Technology at h0l0 on June 23rd, 2019 shot by @auniqueting.

An overhead shot of a joining of five gloved hands which is shown above an covering the face of a person with curly hair in striped pajamas laying on a dark gray floor holding up a bag above their head.

my last solo set at The Glove around August 17th or so, shot by Mallie aka Grout aka Somebutty.

A landscape portrait of a person balancing atop a green suitcase, pulling it open with a gloved hand to expose the legs and hand of a person inside the suitcase. In the backgroun we can see a hand holding the neck of a guitar.

in 2uarm full band with Gladys Harlow, Erinn Buhyoff, and Alex Capraro at a place on moffatt in Ridgewood in 2019, shot by Walter Wlodarczyk.

A shot of a small person in a white lab coat holding up a large cutout of an eye up to cover their one exposed eye. Covering the other half of their face is the back of a curlyhaired person holding up a glove to their mouth.

pictured improvising a live score for a performance by Kennie Zhou at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

A photo of two people wearing black and white clotching at a table draped in black cloth on a stage in front of a small crowd in a medium sized performance room. On the table is a laptop and audio mixer as well as other devices and cables.

in 4uarm with Sweet for Noise Brunch 3 by Center for Psychic Technology at h0l0 on June 23rd, 2019 photo taken from social media.